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Fare Nashville


Fare Nashville's goal is to fill the gaps in our food system in
order to create equitable access to healthy, affordable food.

Video on Fare Nashville Plan

Quick video on how the Fare Nashville Plan will address affordability and accessibility in Nashville's food system

Produce Isle

A mobile market and cart program that transports and sells produce and other food items to residents across the county.

Music City Gardens

A plan to embed gardens throughout the city that will serve as both sources for produce to be sold and as green spaces for the areas where they are located.

Distribution Center

A central location or repository for cleaning, sorting and distributing food.

Fare Nashville

A brand under which all foods in this network can be marketed and sold.

Nashville Food System Council

A board of representatives made up of gardeners, farmers, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, politicians, vendors, and distributors that will make collective decisions regarding Nashville’s food system.

Fare Nashville Plan

The plan has 5 major components.

The Fare Nashville Plan is a comprehensive strategy to address food insecurity and hunger throughout Davidson County. By developing a method for county-wide food distribution, widespread garden/green space infrastructure on public land, a central repository for produce to be counted, sorted, and shipped, a monolithic brand under which this food is sold, and a governing body that represents every step in our food system, the Fare Nashville Plan is designed to create a healthy, affordable food ecosystem providing access to all residents of Davidson County.