Music City Bands Together
Recovery Concerts

Bolstering Charities and Local Industries.
Confronting Poverty & Inequities.

Nashville Recovery Concert Series: Supporting Nonprofits, Workers, Small Biz, Affordable Housing, and much more!

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Music City Bands Together Recovery Concerts

After a devastating tornado, a derecho, a bombing, and a new flood all while suffering through the pandemic, we, seriously, need some hope. Nashville must stand up for all its people at a time when it’s difficult for many to even crawl.

We will stand up by creating an epic music experience that will raise money through ticket sales and invest it directly into our community. Through 10 large-scale, multi-artist  concerts in the spring of 2022. Nashville’s proud musical daughters, sons, transplants, and friends will band together under the flag of Music City to create the preeminent recovery effort on the planet. Thus, hailing a new era of cooperation and cementing our united cause of supporting the home we love. 

This is an unprecedented effort that will: benefit 160+ local nonprofits; supplement Metro School’s budget; heavily invest in racial justice; enhance funding for the Barnes Housing Trust; create multiple support funds for affected businesses, workers, and housing; revive the hospitality and music industries;; and restore Nashvillians’ trust that our city can survive all these trials and tragedies.


Below you will see an outline of potential income, community investments, and expenses. Every item is set as a percentage of the actual dollar amount raised through ticket sales. So, all community investments and expenses will ultimately based on tickets sales.

+Projected Income: $47.3MM
1. Ticket Sales: $45.5MM - Avg. Ticket Price ($130) x 35,000 tickets x 10 concerts
2. Premier Experience Sales: $1MM - $500 x 200 tickets x 10 concerts
3. Initial Sponsorships/Grants (IS): $800K

+Projected Community Investment: $39.19MM = (84% of ticket sales) + (100% of Premier Experience Sales)

1. Nonprofit Donations: - 10.16% of ticket sales

-The following direct service charities and human rights organizations (56) will receive $40,000  (.0799%) each: Nashville Food Project, Conexion Americas, Thistle Farms, The Urban League, The Contributor, Gideon’s Army, TN Equality Project, Workers Dignity, Operation Stand Down, Equity Alliance, TIRRC, Open Table Nashville, Oasis Center, Project Return, YWCA, TN Justice Center, Martha O’Bryan, Council on Aging, Room in the Inn, CASA Nashville, St. Luke’s Center, Our Place Nashville, Family & Children's Service, Mid-Cumberland HRA, Street Works, United Neighborhood Health Services, Catholic Charities, Second Harvest, Bridges, NICE, Nashville Cares, Rescue Mission, NeedLink Nashville, Dismas House, Legal Aid Society, Rochelle Center, Hands on Nashville, Safe Haven, Mental Health Co-Op, JFON, Park Center, Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers/Sisters, Sexual Assault Center, McNeilly Center for Children, Fannie Battle, The Little Pantry, Hispanic Family Foundation, Launch Pad, Disability Rights TN, Matthew Walker Clinic, Siloam, Renewal House, CRC, Fifty Forward, & STARS Nashville

-The following nonprofit arts and culture organizations/events, associations/coalitions, policy/education entities, and special issue organizations (105) will receive $25,000 (.0499%) each: African American Cultural Alliance, Native American Indian Association, API Middle TN, AMAC, The Cookery, Box 55, Nashville Business incubation Center, Nashville Chamber, Entrepreneur Center, JUMP, LGBT Chamber, Black Chamber, Hispanic Chamber, Latin American Chamber, Stand Up Nashville, Neighbor to Neighbor, NOAH, Jewish Social Justice, Scarritt Bennett,, Nashville Symphony, Nashville Repertory Theater, Shades of Black Fest, Nashville Ballet, W.O. Smith School, Humane Association, NMAAM, Musicians' Hall of Fame, WFSK, WPLN, Nashville Opera, Junior League, TN Disability Coalition, Nashville Public TV, TN Kurdish Community Council, Nashville Zoo, Adventure Science Center, Humphrey's Street Coffee, Adult Literacy Council, Action for Hospitality, WXNA, Walk Bike Nashville, ACLU TN, NAACP Nashville, Make Nashville, Nashville Musician Association Relief Fund, Monroe Harding, Urban Green Lab, Goodwill, CABLE, CMHOF, Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship, Music Health Alliance, End Slavery TN, CNM, Social Enterprise Alliance, Community Bail Fund, WMOT, Code for Nashville, Celebrate Nashville, Nashville Pride, Gordon JCC, Poverty and the Arts, TN Women’s Theater, AWAKE TN, Nashville Health Center, Southern Word, Nashville Film Fest, Belcourt, Jewish Film Fest, International Black Film Fest, LETS Play, Youth Villages, YMCA, Ladies of Charity, TN Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence, TPAC, PATHE, Music Venue Alliance Nashville, TN Fair Housing Council, No Exceptions Prison Collective, Porch Writers Collective, Nashville Shakespeare Festival, Brothers United Network, Turnip Green, Book'em, The Next Door, Arts and Business Council, Imagination Library, TAADAS, TEDx Nashville, Plant the Seed,  NAMI, The Women's Fund, Children's Advocacy Centers of TN, Cumberland River Compact, Land Trust of TN, TN Agrarian Trust, TN Works, Autism TN, Best Buddies TN, Nashville Banner, NAZA, TN Lookout, Global Education Center, & Casa de la Cultura Latinoamericana.

2. Racial Justice Fund: $10MM - 21.98% of  ticket sales

3. MNPS Budget: $2MM - 4.4% of ticket sales

4. Barnes Housing Trust: $2MM - 20% of Premier sales + 3.96% of ticket sales

5. ReSounding Nashville (Music Venues/Musicians): $800K - 1.76% of ticket sales
6. Affected Workers Fund (UW): $800K - 1.75% of ticket sales

7. Housing Relief Fund (UHS, WCO, & AHR): $500K - 1.10% of ticket sales

8. Small Business Recovery Fund (UW): $400K - .88% of ticket sales

9. Job Training Fund: $750K - 1.65% of ticket sales

10. Hospitality Support Fund: $250K - .55% of ticket sales

11. Fare Nashville (Food Insecurity): $1MM - 2.20% of ticket sales

12. Nashville Card: $750K- 1.65% of ($130.2MM) ticket sales

13. Center of Creation (Nonprofit/Arts/Innovation Space): $8MM - 17.58% of ticket sales

14. Events for Equity: $100,000 - .22% of ticket sales

15. Produce Isle (Mobile Market & Food Delivery): $500K - 1.10% of ticket sales

16. Accessibility Study & Plan (Civic Design Center): $50,000 - .11% of ticket sales

17. Fund to Seed Recovery Concerts in Southern States: $5MM - 10.99% of ticket sales. Concert recovery series in the following states (9) will receive $400K (8%) each: Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina, & North Carolina. + $1.4MM (28%) to seed other recovery concerts in Tennessee

18. Foundations - Undoctrination Grants: $675K- .1.4% of ticket sales. The following (9) will receive $75,000 (11.11%) each: Frist Foundation, Maddox Foundation, Community Foundation, The Healing Trust, The Memorial Foundation, HCA Foundation, Humanities TN, Nashville Public Education Foundation, & the Dollywood Foundation.

19. Neighborhood Economic Justice Grants: $750K - 1.65% of ticket sales. Communities in the following regions of Nashville (5) will receive $150,000 (20%) each: East Nashville, North Nashville, South Nashville, West Nashville, & Downtown.

+Projected Expenses: $7.15MM = (13.52% of ticket sales $6.35MM + (100% of IS Funds) $800K

1. Musicians/Bands: $3.9MM - 7.79% of ticket sales or 30 bands/musicians get $130,000 each (.259%) of ticket sales

2. Musician/Band Deposits: $300,000 - 26.25% of IS Funds + .20% of ticket sales

3. Venue(s): $250,000 - .66% of ticket sales

4. Rental/Service Deposits: $200,000 - 18.75% of IS Funds + .11% of ticket sales

5. Initial Marketing and Promotion: $200,000 - 20% of IS Funds + .09% of ticket sales

6. Initial Staffing, Logistics, and Administration: $300,000 - 35% of IS Funds + .04% of ticket sales

7. All other expenses: $2MM ($200,000 budget per concert) - 4.4% of ticket sales

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